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Location: New York, NY


If you know about funny-sounding things like Sinatra, Factory Girl, Cucumber, Capybara and Mongoid, we should get to know each other.  We embrace these and other technologies like Redis, EventMachine, Heroku and AWS to make our lives easier and create beautiful applications.   While we may not be a hot startup with a name that ends in “ly” or “io” nor a tech behemoth like Google, however, we still need a talented Ruby Developer.  Sub Rosa has things to offer other than a multi-colored campus or the chance to eat ramen for a year while in stealth mode – things like a nice, steady paycheck, stability and the opportunity to get a good night’s sleep.  Although if you really are looking for a startup environment, we can compromise – sometimes have dogs in the office and beer.  
Aside from web development, the technology department at Sub Rosa is steeped in a strong brew of other interactive technologies that cross from traditional screens into the physical world.  Using Arduino, Node,js, Ruby, OSC, multitouch displays, hacked iOS hardware and whatever else we can get our hands on, we work directly with the creative team to augment physical and architectural design with interactive technologies.  While client work for amazing brands like Nike, TED, GE and Ralph Lauren pay most of the bills, we also have our own projects and internal startups that we nurture and feed to create new businesses and opportunities. 
The Skills You’ll Need:
Mid-level Ruby, Rails and Sinatra skills
MongoDB, Postgres and MySQL database familiarity
Experience with TDD/BDD using Rspec, Cucumber and Capybara
Familiarity with Heroku and AWS
Version control using Git and Github
Familiarity with UML diagramming
Appropriate application of design patterns to real-world situations
Systems design with scalability and performance in mind before it becomes a necessity
Able to work in traditional waterfall and agile processes
Insatiable curiosity and forward-thinking nature
Ability to scope development and manage time efficiently
Identification, escalation and mitigation of potential issues before they become real
Extremely detail-oriented eye
Well-developed analytical and investigative sense
Willingness to push projects to their full potential
What You’ll Be Doing:
Writing code for web, mobile and physical computing applications
Writing functional and behavioral tests
Architecting and developing object-oriented client- and server-side architectures
Building and consuming APIs and service-oriented architectures
Tracking and managing your workload
Working collaboratively on conceptual development with Creative and Strategy teams
Collaborating with and presenting to business and technical stakeholders
Contributing to best-practices and processes
Other Skills We Like:
Physical computing, vision and generative systems (Arduino, multi-touch, OpenFrameworks, Processing, Kinect)
Native and HTML5 development for iOS and Android
Experience with other languages like Python, Java, PHP, Processing
Knowledge of HAML, SASS, Compass and JavaScript
Server administration for OS X Server, Linux, Apache, Nginx
CDNs for static asset delivery and video streaming
API integrations and oAuth2 for services like Vimeo, Flickr, Facebook and Twitter
Familiarity with Jira, Confluence and Greenhopper
Commitment and contribution to open-source projects

To apply: To apply, send us a link to some things you’ve done. Perhaps you have a Github account? Send us a link to that too, it’s much more interesting that looking at a resume. Although if you do have a resume, send us that too, it makes HR happy. Go ahead intr

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