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Location: Cambridge, MA


View the source of this webpage, seriously, do it.  Do you like what you see?  Did you notice that they’re using Typekit, do you agree with that decision? Are you ready to back up your opinion on that?  How about the layout of the elements, are they placed appropriately, would you do anything differently?  Are you 100% comfortable in your web developer skills, do you know when to use an unordered list or when a div/span combination might be a better fit?
We’re looking for a passionate front-end web developer who knows their stuff and knows it well. If you’re a kick-ass developer and want to work for a fun, fast-paced startup in Cambridge MA please read on.
Who are we?
CustomMade is the first online marketplace to connect shoppers looking for fine custom home furnishings and personalized items with the skilled artisans who create them.  Think of us as but for custom made goods; we connect the people who want custom stuff with the people who can make it.  Check out our company page for more info about us and the insane team we’ve assembled(
What are we looking for?
We’re in need of a brave soul to help us conquer all of our front-end challenges(And boy do we have a lot).  You must be an html and css master, period. You must be able to take a PSD design and turn that into markup magic. Javascript experience is preferred but we’re willing to teach.  Prior Nerf gun experience doesn’t hurt either. 🙂
What do you get out of it?
The usual, a competitive salary, stock options, health benefits, flexible schedule, etc. 

To apply: Email me a pdf resume or a link to your site.

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