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Location: Berkeley Heights, NJ


The Company
Cyrus Innovation is an Agile development consulting firm headquartered in SoHo, with locations in New York, New Jersey, and Boston. We embrace the latest agile and lean practices, open source tools, and strive for continuous improvement. As developers, we maximize the time we spend building and shipping software. We work collaboratively with our clients and our team. We pair program. We spend more time coding and less time creating documents. We self organize; we give each developer the power to make important decisions. We experiment and learn by doing.
The Project
We are looking for a developer to come work for Cyrus on a
full-time basis, but we have a pretty good idea of what your first project
would be. You would join a team of around 10 Cyrus developers based on-site with our client in Berkeley Heights, NJ (about an hour outside of NYC). We are using
Ruby on Rails to help develop our client’s flagship application – a tool that
allows security analysts to track and monitor trends in the intelligence space.
This project would give you the chance to join a team exploring and
experimenting with new and innovative ideas around both process and
technology.  In terms of process,
we are pair programming, test driving our code, using Kanban, and continually
implementing new Agile and Lean practices every day. On the tech side we have
just migrated from MySQL to PostgreSQL, we are continuously scaling the application up and adding tons of new features in Rails, and we have a team exploring how to write
cleaner and more maintainable Javascript by experimenting with screw-unit, Blue
Ridge, and Jasmine. 
At Cyrus, we offer a ton of great benefits including:
  • True 40-hour work weeks
  • Quarterly revenue sharing bonus
  • Competitive pay scale 
  • Immediately vesting 401(k) matching
  • 15 days of paid time off (PTO), plus 10 holidays per year
  • The option to convert your bonus into additional vacation
  • A monthly networking budget
  • Generous professional development program
  • High quality health coverage options 
  • A friendly, casual work environment 
  • Are set on working in a true Agile shop that is open to trying new ways of doing things. At Cyrus we use TDD, BDD, pair programming, kanban, scrum, and Extreme Programming.
  • Have an interest in exploring and working with open source tools
  • Want to be part of a team that prefers collaboration  
  • Enjoy working with object-oriented languages. Experience with RoR is not necessary as long as you’ve worked with some object-oriented languages
  • Have a genuine, demonstrable interest in learning new things
    and producing quality software.
  • Because of the nature of the work, US Citizenship is required
    for this position.

To apply: Send your resume to

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