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Location: Mountain View, CA


Imagine a room in SF where all the top engineers from Google, Facebook, Apple, etc. come by everyday and spend a couple of hours? The value of that room is incredibly high.
Now, let’s expand the room to contain the best problem solvers (hackers, PhDs, math studs from Weizmann, etc.) across the globe hanging out every single day. This room has the potential to define how the world functions. 
At we’re building this room online.
Every programmer has something that attracts her to code – bot-vs-bot contests (eg:, functional programming challenges (eg:, quick hacks over twitter API’s, etc. This can be for fun or to learn a particular programming concept or anything in programming (eg: has greatly improved my vim skills)
We’re taking the complete experience and adding an interesting social component to it. It’s going to be a fun place for programmers to hang out.
We’re a young team at Mountain View, recently funded by Y-combinator and a top VC firm. You’ll be an early engineer in a real hardworking team of hackers. Our culture is defined more on persistence than “talent”.
Tech stack
We use ROR, backbone.js, coffeescript, neo4j, EC2. 
A preview of what we’re doing:

To apply: Please send your online coding profile and the biggest hack you’ve done to hackers [at] hackerrank [dot] com

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