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Location: San Francisco, CA


We are looking for someone who knows what makes a website look and behave well and also has the random set of skills to actually make it happen. Someone who is so OCD that she even wants her code to look pretty.
We’re looking for someone who understands that there are living, breathing people at the other end of the tube. They’re impatient. They read very little. Sometimes they use ancient devices that you wouldn’t touch with a 10 foot pole, but hey they’re your guests and you’re open-minded so you accommodate them. If they can’t figure something out, it’s not their fault; it’s your fault for building a confusing application.
As a designer you believe less is more. You deconstruct a page to its most crucial elements (after figuring out what the most crucial elements are). You show and don’t tell. You realize that we are building a business application and not (thank God) a consumer daily deal site. As such, our site should be timelessly elegant without being trendy. You are consistently consistent.
As a developer you want every page to load in a snap. You know that all those HTTP requests cause the browser to chug-a-lug so you use CSS3 for the bling and kiss the PNGs goodbye. You have a visceral reaction to any text that’s part of an image (excepting, of course, logos) because you know it isn’t scalable or translatable. Your markup is clean and semantic. You know the difference between display block, inline and inline-block.
You can do Javascript. You know what it’s good for but you also know when not to use it. You prefer the acronym XHR to the misnomer AJAX because it should really be called AJAJ. You like to experiment with new paradigms like Backbone but ultimately know it’s just one of many different implementations; it’s the thing you’re implementing that’s important not the technology that gets you there.
You secretly know that front end development is harder than back end development.
You tell us.
About Hearsay Social
We are building an application that helps companies like Farmers Insurance and 24 Hour Fitness manage thousands of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and G+ accounts. These companies know that social is here to stay and that being local is more effective. With Hearsay Social they are able to let their employees go to town on social media in way that makes them feel comfortable and their employees successful.
We are located on beautiful Mission Creek in China Basin (close to AT&T Park, Philz Coffee and the CalTrain station) in San Francisco. Perks include the usual start up fare: lunches, ping pong table, foosball, yoga, giant monitors, your choice of computer.

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