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About You
  • You understand the basics of Ruby on Rails best practices (You might have completed something like Rails Best Practices at a minimum).?
  • You’ve written some ActionScript or JavaScript code from scratch and you’ve become frustrated because it gets messy fast.?
  • You know how to write a fairly complex SQL query.?
  • You check your code into git and you understand the value of social coding on GitHub.?
  • You’ve probably got a few open source projects or experiments up there.?
  • You pair program with buddies or have sat down and talked about hard problems with them before.?
  • You write unit tests in any language you can. You might still be frustrated because you haven’t gotten comfortable writing them first yet.?
Our Product is a video based communication tool that allows enterprises to train and education their employees. Fortune 500 companies use it to launch internal products, deploy new sales strategies, and more.?
About Us
Big Bang Technology was created with a founding premise that says the infrastructure enhancements available on the internet will create a digital big bang of progress and development that will completely reshape the face of computing. We think we’re just at the beginning and things are only going to get more exciting. We’re building our company around to be around for a long time. We’re going to take advantage of this wave. Our current focus is on web applications that make the world more knowable. We use cloud computing technologies and rapid development tools to make this happen. The goal isn’t to be puritans about the technologies we choose, but to choose tools which will help us learn the most as fast as possible.
We’re not interested in Rock Stars who can pull miracles out of nowhere and score the winning touchdown. We’re looking for team players who love work when they’re at work, and love something else when they’re at home.?
If this sounds interesting, you should contact us because we’re probably looking for you, and you’re probably looking for us.?

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