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Location: New York City, NY

If you’ve
dreamed of working at Pivotal Labs, but as the co-founder of the next big web
start up, and have been wanting a serious place to do agile web
development…we’re the place for you.
We’re a
social networking start up, it’s and awesome idea and edgy Web 2.0 site that
hasn’t been done.  We have great
backers/great funding, solid team who are fun to work with, and we’re looking
for a brilliant co-founder Sr. Software Engineer to lead our site development
at Pivotal Labs in NYC and thereafter. 
Email me at
lead development of our site from concept to launch, collaborate with our team
of UX designers, analysts, and pair program with Pivotal Lab’s engineers.  When we’re ready, we’ll take it in-house.
Of course,
we’re offering market salary and founder’s equity.
 Why join
 1.         We’re agile. That means test-driven
development with tools like RSpec, Test::Unit, JUnit, Jasmine and Selenium. It
means pair-programming, refactoring, and state-of-the-art continuous
integration, build, and deployment infrastructure.
2.         We’re fun. What does that mean? Well,
let’s decide together what culture to create and what cool things to do for the
3.         We’re good, from tech, design and biz.
We’re doing clickable UX wire frames so everything is very well thought out,
clear, and the user experience tested. We have daily stand-up meetings and
regular retrospectives. We figure out what we’re doing wrong, so we can fix it,
and what we’re doing right, so we can make it even better. Working here means
you get better at what you already do well, every day.
4.         It could be big.  We’ll that’s the plan anyway, and we believe
it -plus, we have an ‘in’ to our target market most start ups don’t get.  And, we’re well funded and have the time for
an agile launch tweaking the biz model and further building the product until
we get the user adoption we expect.  We
want to learn, enjoy the ride, and if we’re lucky the equity could change our
5.         We’re current.  We plan to use RoR, HTML5, CSS3, JS/JQ, AJAX,
Mongo.  Design is Web 2.0 edgy.  API integration with Facebook, Twitter, Google+,
Meetup, etc.  Don’t worry, if you are not
an expert at it all, you can learn.
Our ideal
We’re open
minded.  You may already be an expert
agile RoR senior developer, if we’re lucky! 
Or, you may be an awesome senior open source web developer who has honed
his or her skills over numerous years and now you are desirous of learning
agile RoR development.  We’re even hiring
junior developers.
In any
case, you’ll learn to be all that is needed during our development at Pivotal
You must
live in NYC, or move there.  We are open
to transferring H1B visas.

To apply: Send resume to

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