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Location: ANYWHERE

I am looking for a designer, urgently.  We need designing done for an upcomming social network.  Banners/sidebar designs, other images.  If you feel you can do it and be creative then you may be to our liking.  We need GFX and crazy graphics, not super professional because we are hitting university students and such.  If you are interested please contact us ASAP! We need people within an hour or two , to do some startup work for us.  Reach us asap.

To apply: Email asap if you are interested in this position. We need to be able to contact you on MSN Instant Messenger right away so please include your msn email address with your email. Make sure to be online. Thanks.

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Location: anywhere

WE NEED A CODER ASAP! You need to be able to work with a socialengine layout and recode things to look differently, pretty basic generally.  WE NEED YOU ASAP THOUGH! You may be hired for a large scale job if you pass our small pieces of work.  CONTACT US WITHIN THE HOUR IF POSSIBLE!

To apply: email to and include your MSN Instant Messenger ID and BE ONLINE so we can add you and speak to you right away. Thanks.

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