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Location: New York

URL: http://www.temboo.com

We’re looking for a Visual Designer with an eye for elegant interaction
design. We know you’re out there. C’mon, talk to us. You know you

// Why would you want to talk to us?
Well, we’re fun and interesting and *always* the life of the party.

What? Not enough?

Okay, here’s more:

We’re building a set of next-generation visual tools that allow
non-developers to create complex customized applications – empowering,
community-centric software with amazing potential. We’re making it
easier for mere mortals to do the work of the gods and do it with a
smile on their face.

We are a small but solid start-up full of smart people who love to
learn from one another. We are dedicated to making the most useful and
elegant product imaginable.

We eat lunch together on Fridays and often make the same jokes more than once.

// What needs to be done?
A crap ton. Yes, that is a word we just made up. Or maybe we heard it
on the street. While you might not find it in the Oxford English
Dictionary, it does accurately describe the work ahead of us. Quite
simply, it means “a lot”.

The visual designer is an especially important role, because you
will work with both our Brand and UX teams. On the brand side, you will
contribute ideas to a new look and feel for our very complex suite of
interactive products and help revise our company’s visual identity.
You’ll then take that visual identity and work with UX to insure it
becomes integrated holistically in our software.

//What we’re hoping we’ll find in you.
A portfolio chock full of beautiful graphic interface work, and at least a smattering of stunning print work

The belief that design is as much about emotion, behavior and story-telling as it is about utility and ease of use

Real empathy and respect for your audience of end users

The ability to create layouts, color palettes, user interface elements,
icons, prototypes and project documentation. Have a nerdy fascination
with typography and, perhaps, think a lot about what centuries of print
design mean in the interactive environment.

The tendency to look in unexpected places for inspirations

Curiosity and a quick sense of humor

Ideally, your humble beginnings are rooted in art school or graphic
design or architecture. Then somewhere along the line you discovered
fields like interaction design or human computer interaction and
thought, “hey, that’s for me”

Expert proficiency in the tools of your trade. Pick your poison. We
could list a bunch of software in which you should have expertise. But
we don’t care. Why? We’ll take it for granted that as a seasoned visual
designer, you’re familiar with stuff like Photoshop and Illustrator and
Visio or Omnigraffle. We’re not focused on the methods, just the end
result. And the end result should effectively communicate your designs
in interesting ways to our developers, so they can grasp your
intentions and build them.

Self-motivation, good communication, comfort with both following
direction *and* change. We’re a start up software company with a
dynamic environment. The only constant is that things change (and
change often). You need to be comfortable with that.

It’ll will be fun, we promise. We are opinionated. We’ll challenge you.
We know just enough about visual design to be dangerous. But we’re not
too proud to ask for help.

This a 3 month contract position on site in New York City that
could lead to fulltime employment.

To apply: If you’re interested, email us your resume and portfolio at jobs@temboo.com

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