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Location: Chicago, IL


Jellyvision Lab, Inc. is a small (60 people or so), creative, focused, and
driven company, with a strong vision for bringing interactive communication to
the web for Fortune 500 partners. 
Founded by the same folks who created the hit YOU DON’T KNOW JACK® game
series, the Lab has expanded Jellyvision’s roster of engaging personalities
beyond virtual game show hosts to virtual teachers, insurance agents,
salespeople, advisors… you name it. We’re a digital marketing agency that has
pioneered a new approach to interactivity called Interactive Conversation
that allows machines to communicate more like people. Not in that AI robot sort
of way, but in a radio/television, written-by-writers, performed-by-actors sort
of way. 
The primary responsibility of this
job is architecting, building, and maintaining internally used toolkits.
Secondary responsibility is assisting with basic Linux systems administration.
This position requires understanding of a wide variety of applications, API’s,
middleware, and security. THIS IS NOT A WEB DESIGNER JOB.
You will also participate in
platform architecture decisions and be a key player on the hosting operations
team. Please read on for more specifics…
• Build and
maintain web-based tools to manage creation and configuration of cloud-based
systems and technologies
• Database
management (MySQL and SimpleDB)
• Basic data
• Identify tasks
for automation and build tools around them
• Network
monitoring system configuration and management
• Architect and
build new provisioning tools
• New technology
research (e.g., HTML 5, NoSQL)
• 3-5 years LAMP
development experience along with basic Linux administration (we have
sysadmins, but you need to be comfortable working on Linux servers at the
command line)
• Expert level
operational understanding of a majority of the following technologies:
        ? PHP
        ? AJAX/Javascript/JSON
        ? CSS 2/3
        ? Flash and
ActionScript 3
        ? MySQL queries
and data modeling
• Architecture. 
You should be able to:
        ? Rapidly design,
deploy and maintain multi-tiered web apps based on broad definitions.
        ? Define security
policies around data handling
• Ability to
self-manage and multitask in a fast-paced environment.  Things change
often at Jellyvision, and it’s imperative that you’re able to juggle multiple
tasks, track changes, AND maintain attention to detail.
• Ruby on Rails
• Flex SDK
• Understanding
of Amazon Web Services, specifically: EC2, EBS, S3, SQS,SimpleDB and RDS
• Understanding
of network monitoring/management systems
• Knowledge of
other programming languages (e.g., Java, Python, Ruby)
• Be a life-long
• Be
disciplined…in your engineering
• Be imaginative…in
your engineering
• Understand
urgency, and when to apply it
• Write clear,
easy to understand documentation
• Be able to read
through and understand code for troubleshooting purposes
• Have a
willingness to calmly own and resolve unexpected incidents that occur in a
hosting environment
• Be a great
communicator: written, verbal, Skype, video conferencing, smoke signals,
sideways glances
Yes.  We only hire nice,
bright, funny people who are willing to work hard.  Jellyvision is a group
effort and you must be capable of working collaboratively with creative,
technical, and occasionally sales types.  Everyone at Jellyvision shares a
commitment to excellence and a desire to work in a comfortable, friendly
atmosphere.  Please check out to learn more.
ARE THERE ANY PERKS? Yes, we love perks.
  • Competitive pay and a flexible
  • Benefit-y benefits.  401K with
    matching and fully covered medical, dental, vision, disability, and life
  • Casual dress. Come in a
    sweatshirt, jeans, whatever, like everyone else here.
  • Creative work environment. We are lucky to
    work in a place that is full of intelligent, talented and innovative
    folks. Although most hours the place is deathly quiet (we’re a focused
    bunch), this is punctuated with hilarious outbursts and general merriment,
    which makes a nice way to spend the day.
  • Free food. Every week, we
    stock our kitchen with free healthy foods – sandwich, cereal and snack
    type things – that’s fair game to all employees while it lasts.
  • Easy transportation. We’re really
    close to the “L” and the Halsted (#8) bus (right by the new
    Apple Store and Mega Whole Foods if that’s your kind of thing), and we
    have a transit FSA that allows you to dedicate pre-tax dollars to public
    transportation expenses.  Since a
    number of our employees like to bike to work, we also have showers and
    lockers in the office.
  • Free
    .  While we support using
    public transportation and muscle power to get to work, we know that
    driving is the only way to get here for some folks and we don’t want
    finding a parking space in our rapidly developing corner of Lincoln Park
    to be a headache for anyone.
  • Did we mention our yoga class? 
    bring a pro instructor right to the office.  Fully subsidized by
    Jellyvision and fully optional, btw. 
  • Oh! And you should know that we have
    a massage chair
    . And not just any massage chair, my friend.  It’s the
    HumanTouch HT 5320 WholeBody™ Massage Chair. Feeling a little stiff? Sit
    down. Relax. Feel better? Good. Okay, back to work.

To apply: INTERESTED? Great, we look forward to reading your application. Make sure it includes: 1) A cover letter that highlights three reasons you think you’d be great for the gig, focusing on how your past work experience has prepared you for this kind of posi

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