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Location: Los Angeles, CA


the Rubicon Project is on a mission to automate buying and selling
for the $65 billion global online advertising industry. Backed by $42
million in funding, we are currently looking for the best engineers in
the world to work with us in Los Angeles by taking it to the next level.
Team Description
The mission of the
Interfaces team is to utilize the best available technology to create
maintainable, testable, well documented, standards-compliant
cross-browser user interfaces and APIs for the Rubicon Platform. Our
customer facing application is the most advanced web app our engineers
have ever worked on. If terms like usable, extensible,
service-oriented, dynamic, testable, intuitive, object-oriented,
maintainable, whiz bang, and amazing apply to the work you’ve done,
you’ll fit in well here.
the Rubicon Project delivers 2 billion+
ads per day. AKA: we deal with big data. We process nearly a trillion
data points daily and have to represent that information to mere
mortals. Some of the custom software we have built to solve these
problems include:
  • An ad-hoc reporting tool allowing arbitrary combinations of business intelligence data with optional deferred job running.
  • An extension to the Zend Framework providing object caching
    hierarchies, parrallelizable jobs runner, parrallelizable automated
    test runner, custom error handling and user impersonation mode.
  • A custom ORM built on Zend Framework that provides secure object
    access by default, object factories, session management, advanced error
    handling, and automatic message queue insertion for changes.
  • A custom development tool providing push-button deployments, instant dev environment setup, and one-line branching.
  • A data object descriptor system allowing arbitrary attachment of
    attributes and values to any data entity, facilitating comparison of
    disjoint objects in a common way.
  • A RBAC system allowing fine grained control of all user interface widgets and data.
  • Many JQuery plugins including a custom grid implementation,
    advanced file uploader, custom form validator, magic combo boxes, and
    find as you type form field hinting.
  • A message based object change log providing audit trails for all changes made to arbitrary objects.
Job Description
Your job, should you
accept it, is to extend the functionality of our existing system. This
will require that you can fix bugs in code other people wrote, talk to
product managers and ensure that what you are building is what our
customers need, and engineer testable new features and components from
scratch that fit within our technology ecosystem. Sometimes you’ll have
to do this work when you are not in the office, so working remote can’t
scare you off.
Guru level Javascript, CSS and HTML skills are a
natural part of the job. You must be proficient in a Unix flavored
shell, and have above average RDBMS skills. Our front-end system is
written in PHP, but it’s OK if your expertise is in some other language
provided learning our system is enticing to you.
You should also
have worked with and/or designed service oriented architectures,
advanced db schemas, object oriented systems, ajax based rich web
applications, MVC frameworks and are well aware of the issues
surrounding the software lifecycle. With 3-10 years experience we
expect that your resume will be Web 2.0 Buzzword Compliant, as well as
include your CS bachelor or masters degree.
Bonus points for experience with the technologies we work with:
  • Zend Framework
  • JQuery
  • MySql
  • RabbitMQ
  • MongoDB

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