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Location: New York, NY; San Francisco, CA; Dallas, TX


ThoughtWorks isn’t your
company, so we don’t hire average people.
From a technology perspective, ThoughtWorks is synonymous with
We’ve been at the forefront of innovation on the Java platform, and have
the use of techniques such as Inversion of Control and Domain Specific
Languages. We’ve made significant contributions to the Java Open Source
community via projects such as CruiseControl, XStream and Selenium.
ThoughtWorks is also a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and our people
thought leadership to key Microsoft initiatives such as the Patterns and
Practices effort. Most recently we’re becoming famous for the work we’re
with alternative .net languages like IronRuby, Iron Python, F# and Ioke.
champion Ruby on Rails and ThoughtWorks is already the natural home for
some of
the world’s leading Ruby developers.
By joining
you become part of a community. ThoughtWorkers are a passionate, diverse
Typical ThoughtWorker traits include enjoying arguing about tiny details
language implementation, complaining about Maven and discussing how
close to 1K
they are. People join because they get to talk to the people who wrote
books that influenced them (and often get invited to help review or
to the author’s next one) and work with the people who wrote the tools
couldn’t get their previous company to use.
Add to this our
focus on
Agile delivery and you’ll start to see why working here is refreshingly
We hire only
the most
talented, passionate people. We’re seeking a creative approach to
problem-solving and a track record of technical innovation. We work
exclusively on customer site providing a mix of delivery and consulting
services, so you’ll be flexible about travel, and willing to travel
as part of your role. You want to go the extra mile, and relish the idea
being part of a community that extends beyond the work we do for our
We’re looking
for developers who have broad technology experience
in Java, C#/.Net or Ruby; polyglot programmers are especially welcome.
To be
considered, you’ll
have experience of the following:
  • Development and
    delivery experience with
    Java, .NET, Ruby on Rails, and/or mobile platforms
  • Have worked on the analysis, design, coding
    and implementation of large scale, custom built object-oriented
  • Great OO skills, including strong design
    patterns knowledge
  • Experience working with, or an interest in
    Agile Methodologies, such as Extreme Programming (XP) and Scrum
  • Ability to work
    in a variety of client
    settings and in a team-oriented, collaborative environment
  • Knowledge of
    software best practices, like
    test driven development and continuous integration
  • Experience of
    working in a forward
    thinking, OSS-centric environment
Being a consultancy means all
of our
consultants should be open to travel. Most of our consultants travel 80%
of the
week and home for weekends. We do everything we can to make life here as
as possible and do our best to take people’s personal situations into
We think it’s a small price to pay for the chance to work with us.
Our North America offices are
Atlanta, Calgary, Chicago, Dallas, Manhattan, and San Francisco.
isn’t necessary if you live in one of these cities. If you live
please let us know to which one you are willing to relocate to.

To apply: If you are interested in taking on an opportunity that offers variety, innovation, and unique challenges every day, then apply here:

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