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Location: San Francisco, CA


We are looking for lead engineers to join the Triggit family. We are looking for a full stack Ruby on Rails developer and a senior engineer to work on our ads platform. The ideal candidate is someone who loves coding and is interested in interesting problems. See the full descriptions below. 
Senior engineer – Ads platform: 
What You’ll Do All Day:
  • Develop on a rich codebase on a high-volume real-time advertising platform for ad evaluation, bidding, and serving
  • Help improve performance and processing time on an ad server that currently handles over 150,000 requests per second
  • Develop and implement high performance machine learning algorithms
  • Help improve performance and functionality on our internal event processing system
  • Many years experience with developing high performance network applications in C/C++ on Linux
  • One or more years experience with a scripting language
  • A solid understanding of algorithms and data structures
  • A solid understanding of systems programming and operating system and network fundamentals
  • An excellent understanding of performance optimization at scale; experience with where bottlenecks in large distributed systems occur and how to solve them
  • Some experience with RDBMS and SQL
  • Interest in alternative programming languages
  • All Candidates should have strong communication skills, consider themselves a curious high level thinker
Full Stack Ruby on Rails developer: 
  • A very solid understanding of Ruby. You wield blocks, procs, and lambdas like a pro. You’re not afraid of heavy metaprogramming either.
  • Many years of Rails experience, preferably dealing with data at scale.
  • Very solid understanding of RDBMS (we use Postgres), SQL, and database normalization.
  • Experience with jQuery, AJAX, HAML/SLIM, and SASS preferred.
  • Experience and desire to work in a BDD environment using RSpec, FactoryGirl, and friends.
  • Strong Unix fundamentals and thorough understanding of HTTP and all its intricacies.
  • A detail-oriented approach to development.

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