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Location: San Francisco, CA

About this job
Despite being humble and modest about your skills, you are an awesomely talented designer that knows the web inside and out. You’re the creative, go-to, idea-person when your friends and colleagues want something fun and unique to tackle. You’re passionate about Twitter; you eat tweets for breakfast and dish them back out just the same. You have ideas spilling out of your head for design tweaks, improvements, and additions to the Twitter user experience seen and used by millions of people. Your ideas are the right kind of balance between crazy and brilliant that they just might work.
If this describes you to a T (as in Twitter), we’re looking for you. We want someone who loves both the conceptual side and the implementation side of design projects. You will work with Design, Product, and Engineering teams to create awesome interfaces that facilitate what users want to do, and delight them along the way. You will think of, concept, and implement original ideas that bring simplicity and ease of use to complex design issues of a real time communications and information network. In short, this job may be the largest design challenge of your life so far, but also the most rewarding.
  • Translate requirements into concepts and elegant user experience design
  • Create interaction models, user task flows, screen designs, and UI details that promote ease of use and optimize the user experience
  • Collaborate effectively with other designers where overlap between product areas and features naturally occur
  • Partner with Design Research to inform and improve design recommendations
  • Develop and maintain design wireframes, mockups, specifications, and navigation maps
  • Visualize complex sets of data in ways that are easy to comprehend
  • Extensive experience developing consumer and/or commercial web application interfaces
  • Proven track record and a passion for designing compelling, user experiences
  • Good understanding of end-to-end product management / development process
  • Experience in creating various prototype methods and knowledge of best practices
  • Ability to multi-task, prioritize projects, and communicate progress and expected milestones
  • Ability to synthesize feedback while maintaining ownership of design process
  • Active Twitter user
  • Experience in online game or social/mobile app design a plus
  • Prior experience building applications using Twitter APIs a plus
  • Ability to prototype your work in HTML/CSS/JS a strong plus
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