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Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Be the designer for an upcoming web service (currently in stealth mode) that will be used by millions and that, largely thanks to you, will be admired for its stunning design!
What you bring to the party:
1. The Taste
To tell whether a design is beautiful or not (we like: simple, minimalist design and craftsmanship; we don’t like: overloaded, “corporate” design and mass-production)
2. The Skills
To make a design that is both beautiful and user-friendly. (we like: Photoshop, HTML/CSS, pen and pencil; we don’t like: MS Paint)
3. The Passion For Excellence
To be only happy with the very best. (we like: a maniac attention to detail; we don’t like: maniacs)
Condiments (nice to have’s):
  •  Knowledge of a secondary language
What we bring to the party:
1. Heart and blood entrepreneurs
With a track record of creating multi-million dollar web companies. (we like: deep, lasting impact, purpose and meaning; we don’t like: copy-cats)
2. Happy engineers
Because we love what we do 🙂
3. The Passion for Excellence
We are only satisfied with the best: the best people, the best product, the best culture.
Our condiments:
  • You will be the first in-house designer for a team that very much values design, so you will have all the freedom you want, but you won’t be lonely.
  • We help you move here (Pittsburgh, PA) from wherever you currently reside, even from the Cook Islands. We have done it before. (We don’t want to work remotely.)
  • the usual bling bling ($)

To apply: If you believe you have what it takes, please send us your portfolio, your cv and a list of 10 web services that you consider to have great design to rebeldesignerforstealthproject@gmail.com

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