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Location: Boston, MA


Fast Forward One Year…
We’d like to thank you for your fantastic job of building and maintaining the business-critical server functionality that keeps User Interface Engineering running. Your hard work has driven our revenue to new levels, increased our productivity, and helped us enter new markets that we only dreamed of before you arrived.
We’re amazed at how adeptly you jumped in and took over the back-end work for the biggest development project UIE has ever tackled: our new seminar subscription service. You jumped right into our migration to ExpressionEngine and were instrumental in its launch.
We didn’t think anyone could learn about the nuts and bolts of our new implementation as fast as you picked it up, and then you dazzled us with the ways you found to make it even better. While the team we’ve assembled to do this is one of the best in the business, your contributions immediately shined, helping us get the service into Beta and then launched just a few months later. You kept on top of the launch issues and made the experience smooth for all of our new customers.
You produced a fabulously thorough initial review of our existing back-end server infrastructure, pointing out critical issues we never thought about. Your creative solutions for those issues took immediate effect and everything is running so much better. We loved how you worked with our team to evolve our development workflow process, enhancing our Git setup and our archiving system.
You took the e-commerce platform we’ve built for our new subscription service and extended it to all of our other UIE products and services. Now, we’re tracking all of our sales activity through a single interface. This greatly simplified our back-office operations and dramatically improved the customer’s user experience. The cost savings and increased revenue that came from that hard work was totally worthwhile.
We also loved how you helped migrate the hundreds of articles, blog posts, and podcasts found on into our new ExpressionEngine platform. You worked with some of the industry’s best designers to create a great look and feel for all this content. This made it substantially easier for our customers to find and take advantage of all that wisdom UIE’s been publishing for 20 years.
Everyone in the company would like to thank you for your dedication. We can’t wait until next year.
Now Back To Today…
If you’d like this to be your story, send us your resume with a half-page write-up of your most significant back-end development accomplishment. While we’re less concerned with your skills and qualifications, we won’t compromise on your ability to deliver team results. We’ll be back to you in 24 hours if you have what it takes to achieve something special.
You might even want to check out our web site——for some insight into what we’re doing. We think you’ll be excited by where we are today and the challenge to get us where we’re going.
You will work in our North Andover offices. (Sorry, we don’t hire remote employees.) We’ll provide all the equipment you need, including Apple hardware and Mac software to bring out the best in your talents and skills.
Send your resume and write-up to:
Jared M. Spool, CEO
User Interface Engineering
510 Turnpike Street, Suite 102
North Andover, MA 01845

To apply: Send your resume and write-up to:


Jared M. Spool, CEO
User Interface Engineering
510 Turnpike Street, Suite 102
North Andover, MA 01845

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