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Greetings humans!
My name is Buddy and I’m looking for seasoned journeymen or master PHP developers (LAMP). You should have experience developing reliable yet light/fast code for high traffic websites, be dedicated to your craft, write code that you are proud of and love what you do.
Lot’s of people can write code. I’m looking for the guy/gal that can look at the business needs and write the right code for the situation.  
We follow the agile/scrum dev methodology and use the zend framework. It would be great if you had a lot of experience with those, but we can help the right person along.
This is a full time long term gig. We’re looking for someone to join our family. But we will make exceptions for the right people. Do you meet the criteria but only have 20 hours available a week? Let’s talk. The salary is competitive and based on your skills and experience.
Did I mention that this is a fully remote gig? That’s probably important. Our dev team all work completely remotely. Why? Because it is freakin’ awesome, that’s why. Want to work from the beach in Belize? No problem. The Mountains of Canada? Check. A farm in Montana? Done. All you need is your laptop and a great internet connection.
Working remote kicks ass, but it takes a certain type of person. Answer these questions honestly to yourself before you drop me a line: Did you leave your papers and projects to the last minute in college? Do your projects pile up on you at your current gig? If the answer is yes then this probably isn’t for you. Don’t worry we can still be friends, come say hi on twitter. If you answered no then we should talk.
There are a few keys to making remote gigs work:
Communication is a big one, we are a small group, most of us working from home, or from where ever we happen to be. This spans several time zones and it requires a bit of extra work from all of us to keep in good communication, we use Jira, Basecamp, IM, Skype, Google+ and good old fashioned phone calls. But while communication keeps the business running smoothly it is the enemy of programming *FLOW*, I understand this well. I know that 4 hours of uninterrupted programming time is more productive than 8 hours with chat, email, and phones buzzing. We will work uninterrupted flow time into each day. The times will be subject to how all of our hours overlap, but we will make it work.
There is a lot left to talk about and since we’ve only just met it’s difficult to know which parts of the job or team or the projects you will find interesting or have questions about. If you have made it this far in my ad please get in touch with me and we can get to know each other and see if this is the situation for you. If it isn’t we can keep in touch, you never know when we might match up in the future.  
Come say hi:

To apply: Email me your CV @

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