We are a high tech healthcare company with an excellent reputation. Details will be discussed with qualified candidates.: HTML5 app developer

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Location: Boston Ma

In this position you will, oddly enough, be developing HTML5
applications (not websites). The ideal candidate will have a passion for all
technologies web, and actual experience in building successful,
full-featured, real-world HTML5 applications. Just reading the O’Reilly
book doesn’t count (sorry). Candidates with experience delivering other
web applications using ASP, PHP, JSP, or even ColdFusion (the new one) are strongly preferred.
Here’s the buzzword list:
  • [required] HTML5, HTML4, CSS, Javascript, SQLite, DOM
  • [nice to have] Touch screen interface design, web application architecture. A talent for good user interface will be greatly appreciated.
HTML5 incorporates several new capacities which are getting a lot
of attention, some of which are more important to us than others. The
ones that are most important to us are
  1. Cross platform functionality
  2. Offline web app capability
  3. SQLite (localized database)
The independent media handling (non-Flash) is getting a lot of attention but does not really matter to us…in our preliminary sourcing efforts, we are find lots of graphic design people fascinated by this, they won’t be much help to us unless they also have experience with the above
You’ll be working on a fun, competent team that, as part of an
established medical-services company, will actually release your
software to users. Lots of them.
The job is in Boston on the Orange Line and can be a contract
relationship or a salaried job with benefits. It is full-time and your
schedule can be flexible around our core hours. Other aspects of the
job include:
  • Your work will definitely get used in the real world – not some pie-in-the-sky conceptual application
  • Sense of humor required; the Director of the project and the architect are both comedians and good mentors
  • The design of a complex health questionnaire (which is what we do) is a
    lot like gaming: lots of contingent branching through a sequence of
    optional responses
  • Altruistic purpose: it’s not money management, it’s not social media – we actually help heal sick people.
Candidates should submit resumes and a cover letter containing links
to your HTML5 work to the e-mail address below. Applications without
demonstrable HTML5 experience will not be considered.

To apply: Send a resume and examples of you HTML5 apps to rgadbois@phtcorp.com

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