We Are Mammoth: Front-end Web Developer (XHTML/CSS/JS)

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Location: Chicago, IL

URL: http://www.wearemammoth.com

++++ Are you an outsourcing, placement or staffing service? Please don’t contact us (anymore). Developers representing themselves only. ++++
We Are Mammoth is a small and mighty team of web developers in Chicago. We build applications for some of the biggest companies in the world, create and sell our own products, and write and speak to like-minded people.  We also work out of a breath-taking, custom-designed building with a front garden (Here’s a few pictures from last Spring: http://bit.ly/cZV5KW)
A couple of us are database and backend experts (SQL, C#, .NET MVC, LINQ, to be specific).  A couple of us are front-end integrators (Flex/Flash Actionscripters who can also be dangerous in .NET).  We are a lean, well-oiled machine.
But, we’re missing a big component. We want a true HTML/CSS/JavaScript lover who also blends into the wonderful world of .NET programming.
So, we’re hoping:
  • You love Javascript.  More specifically, you love jQuery.  You think jQuery selectors are God’s gift to HTML.
  • You have a compulsion for clean, skinny, simple-as-possible-but-no-simpler code.
  • You’ve solved problems like “How do we implement site-wide modal popups, make it still work with Javascript turned off, and also be SEO-friendly?”
  • You have a clear opinion on how Javascript and HTML should be written and ensure that standard is upheld.
  • You work as well individually as you do in a small, collaborative team.
  • You can take existing, HTML-Strict compliant templates and integrate them to server-side code and Javascript.
  • You can maintain an HTML code-base and CSS cleanly.  When there’s a big feature addition down-the-road, you’ve got a clear-minded plan of attack on how to add it without the need for extra-strength duct tape.
  • You absolutely despise IE6, but you know the usual workarounds.
  • You spend 80% of your time on the front-end, but occasionally dip into server-side code (C#, .NET) to tweak and modify code as needed.
  • You love problem-solving.  For instance, you can connect all 9 dots in this picture with just 4 straight lines, without lifting your pen: http://bit.ly/zn8mh
These are great additional bonuses:
  • You have experience with Flash and Flex, and some animation skills to-boot. If javascript is the new actionscript, it’d be great if you knew all the usability pitfalls.
  • You are articulate and love to write (words not just code).
  • When you speak, people feel warm and fuzzy inside.
This is a contract (and possibly to hire) position, and we’d really prefer you be on site.

To apply: Please send a resume and email explaining why you think you’ll rock this job to let.me.in[at]wearemammoth[dot]com.

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