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Call it passion or
obsession, but you love to develop games for iPhone and Facebook. And work is
great fun, particularly when you play with other kickass geniuses. Like them, you
are curious and love to learn, which is clear from your diverse personal and
professional pursuits. Naturally you have exceptional command of PHP, Javascript,
HTML5, MySQL and MongoDB. But you also understand the emotions that get players
hooked and that business is a means to creating awesome games. You are
articulate, able to ask incisive questions, organized and in possession of a
clear personality.
We are the Incubator
over at Win and our purpose is to become the world’s fastest producer of
awesome games for iPhone and Facebook. As a virtual team spread across three
continents, we (think we) are agile, energetic, intelligent, pragmatic, and
creative. We take six weeks from idea inception to the launch of large,
scalable games, so our work is intense but worthwhile. We don’t work out of
necessity, but because we love to create awesome games with talented,
passionate and intelligent people.

hope that you are one of us. If so, we will first give you a paid, two-month
project on which you will have impact from beginning to end. This period gives both
of us a chance to see whether our styles, expectations and results match. If we
are still in love after those two months, we will offer you a fixed position on
our team.

To apply: Send whatever you think will convince us of your awesomeness to We’ll have our people call your people. AGENCIES NEED NOT REPLY. SERIOUSLY, JUST DON’T, OKAY? IF YOU DO, WE WILL HANG, DRAW AND QUARTER YOU. ONLY INDIVIDUALS OR SMALL TEA

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