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We’re looking for a better designer. It’s nothing wrong with the one we’ve got, but he needs help to get better.
We are a small co-operative design and development agency. We build web apps for ourselves and sites for others. We don’t like hierarchies. Everyone takes care of their own responsibilities. We’re two programmers, one designer. We would like you to be the second designer, to even the score.
What will you do?
We are in the middle of redefining what we do. A part from being a designer we would like you take part in creating the company you would like to work at. Where we create great stuff, have a good time and don’t work ourselves to death in the process.
We would like you to take the lead for all-things design/UI. We thought we’d start with taking the design and UI of PortfolioDeck to the next level. We want to make it the best tool for photographers, illustrators, designers, architects to create their own online portfolio. (And also for designers/developers that want to create portfolio sites for their clients.)

To apply: Do you think you would be a good fit? Show us your work and tell us why. Send an email to

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