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Location: San Francisco, CA


Yelp has been connecting people with great local businesses since 2005. Yelp has grown to become the #1 local review and recommendation website, attracting over 38 million unique users per month and has over 2 million users on mobile clients (iPhone, Android, etc…).
What you need to know about Yelp Engineering:
Team size? 40 engineers and 1 dog named Darwin.
Release cycle? Daily, sometimes multiple times a day.
Code-reviews? Required on every check-in.
Source control? Git, duh.
KegMate enabled kegs? 1 so far but more to come.
Hackathons? Every six months.
Unit-tests? Lots of them. We use buildbot and testify. Required as part of every check-in.
Web Developer
* Develop cool and useful features for our Yelp community
* Expertise in JavaScript, HTTP, HTML/DOM, and CSS
Search and Data-Mining Engineer
* Tackle machine learning and IR problems from our database of local content (12M+ Yelp reviews)
* Strong grasp of algorithms and data structures; expertise in Python, Java, or C++
Ads/Revenue Engineer
* “Show me the money!” Use machine learning, statistic, economics, and optimization to build and improve our ad targeting systems.
* Strong grasp of algorithms and data structures; expertise in Python, Java, or C++
Back-end Engineer
* Build whole systems that are simple and scalable
* Expertise in your favorite modern programming language: Python, Ruby, Java, and/or C++
Mobile Developer
* Create fun and useful mobile applications for the iPhone, Android, Blackberry platforms and beyond
* Expertise in Objective C, Java and other mobile languages
Check out our brand new Yelp Engineering Blog and read about a day in the life of a Yelp engineer!
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To apply: Head to to view Yelp Job Postings!

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